Uptown Video: Latinos Out Loud – 2020 Census PSA

Ain’t no party like a census party because a census party provides crucial resources to your community. Shout out to the LOL gang, The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) and the office of Manhattan Borough President Gale A Brewer for putting this together. Fill out your census and be counted familia.

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Census forms are CA$H 💸💸💸 I really understand your reluctance to fill out a government form that asks you a bunch of personal questions. Maybe your race, religion or immigration status makes you scared about how the information will be used. Or maybe you just don’t trust that there are any tangible benefits. You obviously need to make your own decision about what’s right for you but please do your research before you throw that form away. Because Census forms are powerful. They translate into political representation and federal funding. Why else would the President specifically try to discourage Hispanic people from filling out their forms? (Trump knew that the citizenship question wouldn't make it onto the census form but he successfully created a campaign of fear by suggesting it might be. To recap: you will *not* be asked about your citizenship status on the form!) If you look at 41 federally funded programs in New York you realize that EACH census form means $6,255 that goes towards things like crime victim assistance, special programs for the aging and child care. I looked at some of these programs to show you how that works (you can look up other states in the source below). This image was created for @hepnewyork  Sources “Counting for Dollars 2020: The Role of the Decennial Census in the Geographic Distribution of Federal Funds,” Federal Funds Information for States

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