Art fair spotlights Dominican artists | Manhattan Times

By Gregg McQueen

“We engage the community and support young artists,” said visual artist Moses Ros.

He’s responsible for fine art at Fordham – and now he’s putting prints up for sale.

Moses Ros, whose large-scale work Patriasana is installed at the Fordham Road station, is teaming up to bring even more fine art to the masses.

“We want to show people that Dominican artists are engaged and producing great works,” said the sculptor, painter, and printmaker who claims “urban pop culture, graphic abstract symbolism and living memories” as sources of creative inspiration.

The upcoming 4th Latinx Art Fair will showcase fine art prints for sale by a host of Dominican artists.

The event is a collaboration between Moses Ros Studios, Coronado Printstudio, and Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA (DYPG).

The exhibit will be held on December 6 and 7 at the SMV Gallery, an art space at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin near Times Square in Manhattan.

“The goal is to give exposure to artists and to give them the ability to sell their work,” Ros said. “In this city, it is definitely a challenge to find space to display and sell art. There’s a lack of gallery space available for up-and-coming artists.”

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