Can’t Stop, Won’t It: The 2019 Riverside Jam

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

The 2019 Riverside Jam is now on the books. The word epic is overused but it is most-definitely apt in this case. Folks came from all over Washington Heights and beyond this past Saturday, June 8 to take part in the storied Riverside Jam and they were not disappointed.

The More Fire DJs and the mighty I Love My Hood movement somehow made magic happen against all odds. For that Uptown should be thankful for. Our traditions still live.

As you neared the designated tunnel in Riverside Park you could hear the deep grumbling of the base.

DJ Tiny Tim was on the set and was masterfully weaving his spell on those within hearing range. With each selection, Tim showed that he was in absolute control of the crowd. Slowly working his crowd into a frenzy, the vibe in the place was almost transcendental.

Out of nowhere a female dancer began twirling light lassos, which added an otherworldliness to the whole experience. Then as if on cue, my boy Joel comes out dancing with an oversized Breaking Bad mask on. It was a straight up amazing moment. No beef, no bullshit. Just pure, unadulterated Uptown Love.

Just when it was getting good, the boys showed up and just like that the epic Riverside Jam had come to a close. Shut down by the cops as usual but this time it was way too early. The cops usually let the jam go on until the wee hours of the morning but this time they had no intention of letting us rock. With that said, folks left Riverside Park sad and dejected. As we were leaving, droves of people were still making their way to the park.

And then it happened.

I was in front of my building, nearly 30 blocks away from the jam, when the bat signal went out through IG. The jam had been moved to a new location.

So we made on our way to the designated spot and it was almost like we had never left. DJ Regg One was now on the turntables and he was putting it down. The crowd, which now surpassed the earlier crowd at the original spot, was enthralled by the choice selection of classic Hip-Hop, House and Freestyle music. The party ended up going on until past 8 am.

The legacy continues…

Can’t Stop – Won’t Stop!

Pa’Lante, Siempre Pa’Lante

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