Spread Love It’s The Uptown Way

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

I took this picture at exactly 8:56 pm this past Saturday on the little stretch of Cabrini Blvd that runs between 190th Street and Fort Tryon Park while I was walking the pooch. I hesitated posting it because as a rule I do not like to highlight negativity of any kind and this was definitely hateful and bigoted. But to be honest, I really wasn’t sure what the enigmatic and odious image meant but if the Trump name is on it you know it can’t be good. Anyway, I decided against posting it and promptly forgot about it.

2 days later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that someone had taken the time to put a big, beautiful heart over the detestable chicken scratch. (SWIPE LEFT) In the end, at least here in Uptown Manhattan, love does trump hate.

Spread Love It’s The Uptown Way For Real.

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