Four-Alarm Fire on Nagle | Manhattan Times

Photo: FDNY

It sounded like one muffled explosion, followed by another and another.

Soon, residents were milling about on Nagle Avenue, watching heavy gray plumes of smoke ‎trail upward from a fire centered at the liquor store at 150 Nagle early Sunday morning.

By 1030 a.m.‎, the FDNY had dispatched first responders to the scene and had issued an emergency advisory for a three-alarm fire ‎ at Nagle Avenue and Dyckman Street.

The fire spread quickly to neighboring businesses as acrid smoke billowed furiously.

One officer said the whole block on the west side of Nagle between Dyckman and Thayer had burned, including businesses.

It was reported that the fire may have started in the liquor store.

“It looks like every store south of Dyckman Billiards to the corner of Thayer was burned,” said one resident who was on the scene. “The roofs are gone.”

There were no reported casualties.

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Check out this FB video of the fire before the Fire Department reached the scene courtesy of Dock Drumming.

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