Monday Mood Music: Hazy Nights In the Heights II

Hazy Nights In the Heights II

The wait is finally over. Frankie P’s long awaited Hazy Nights In The Heights II is now available worldwide. So this is what you have to do – take a listen below if you must. Then, after having your mind blown, head over to iTunes, Amazon, or wherever you cop your digital downloads and show that man some love. Audubon, Camille Safiya and Dubwork all make outstanding guest appearances on the stellar opus. In keeping with the ethos of the first Hazy Nights In The Heights, the second delivers that same exacting craftsmanship, energy and verve. Get yours ASAP!


Uptown Original: Frankie P

Ear to the Street Q&A: Frankie P

Frankie P’s Amazing Hazy Nights In The Heights

The Alchemist: A Q&A With Camille Safiya

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