Uptown Video: Meet The Studio Heads

Three years after gaining notoriety with popular viral video “Pan Con Queso,” Uptown comedian and self proclaimed “internet sensation” Juan Bago (Michael Diaz) has decided it’s time to parlay his local fame into a full fledged career.  STUDIO HEADS, an original web series, follows Bago as he joins forces with friends Jaime (an aspiring “R&B slow jam singer”) and Anthony (an aspiring “important acting award winning actor”) to create ENHARMONICS, a production company he hopes will bring them fame, fortune, and mad YouTube groupies.

Taking its cues from mockumentary style comedies like The Office, STUDIO HEADS chronicles the journey of three men who decide to pursue their dreams against all obstacles – obstacles like “having talent,” and “possessing a basic understanding of companies” – and find themselves a little in over their heads. “The comedy of the show is fast-paced and the jokes keep coming at you. So expect plenty of silly humor,” said writer Jaime Fernandez.

Featuring a roster of Uptown NYC’s emerging comedic talent, the finale even includes an appearance from In the Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The series will be hosted on Remezcla.com, the country’s leading digital platform for emerging Latin culture & lifestyle, as part of a new initiative to support original video content created by emerging Latino talent. “There is so much great Latino talent out there that still doesn’t have an outlet in mainstream networks/media. We want to provide a place where these dynamic stories can reach a wider audience,” said Remezcla Senior Editor Andrea Gompf.

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