Uptown Poetry: Loneliness

BY Anonymous

Photography by Briana E. Heard (@beheardphoto)

J Hood Wright Park_BEH-20

You usually sneak in at dusk

to tie me up and ransack my mind.

I do everything to try to avoid you.

But I know you’re there every evening

waiting for me to come home.

You break my confidence.

You steal my dreams.

I can’t lock you out.

I can’t out run you.

I can’t erase you from my life.

My life was to avoid you.

As darkness set into the city that never sleeps,

I’d hide from you in the multitude of strangers.

I’d numb my mind at high tide,

almost drowning with my fellow nightcrawlers.

But after dizzying highs crashed into the twilight.

I knew you’d be there waiting to punish me.

But I’ve seen your face today

I finally understand your game.

I know who you are,

Loneliness, is your name.


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