RocketHub Spotlight – Death Metal Angola: Resilience Tour


The award-winning documentary DEATH METAL ANGOLA is teaming up with the Fulbright Association to launch THE DMA RESILIENCE TOUR. Using the electrifying story at the heart of the film, we’ll ignite conversations across the US, in cities and communities that are fighting to bounce back from adversity.


DEATH METAL ANGOLA tells the inspiring story of Sonia Ferreira – a war survivor, lover of rock music, and mother to 55 orphans – as she and her partner, the Death Metal musician Wilker Flores, launch Angola’s first-ever national rock concert. Their dream is to help their country recover from decades of war, through the power of music and their love for one another.

Dubbed “raucously crowd pleasing” by the Hollywood Reporter, a “cult classic in the making” by the Huffington Post and “a beautifully shot, superb film” by indieWIRE, DEATH METAL ANGOLA follows Sonia and Wilker’s story, giving audiences a look at a rock show off the grid that is fulfilling, haunting, and real.

Having screened in over 40 festivals world-wide on every continent except Antarctica, DEATH METAL ANGOLA is now joining forces with the Fulbright Association to kick off the DMA RESILIENCE TOUR and jumpstart conversations about resilience here at home. The Tour will be a series of screenings, town-hall discussions, and concerts in communities throughout the United States that have been hit hard by economic and natural disasters. We will partner with local schools, community centers, community leaders, and many more, to provide a platform for these communities to connect with each other and to share their stories of resilience and recovery.

Are you a metal-head? A community activist? A believer in dreams? A rock-n-roll fanatic? Someone who believes in women’s right and children’s rights?  Someone who can’t stand Metal or Rock, but loves an incredible story?



Musicians played the third rock festival in Angola in September 2013. (Photo Credit:

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