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Story by Robin Elisabeth Kilmer

Washington Heights’ own Michael Díaz, aka Juan Bago, (right), is interviewing artists throughout the country for the series Bodega Chat.

Michael Díaz, also known as his alter ego Juan Bago, is on tour.

And he is relying on quarter waters, the popular, candy-colored juice drinks, to get him through.

Díaz is on a bodega tour of the United States.

So far, he has been to Miami and Houston filming Bodega Chat, a web series hosted by Brisk—the purveyors of Brisk Iced Tea, which is a mainstay in bodegas across New York City.

In his travels, he meets and interviews local artists—and gets them to open up about their tried and trusted local bodegas.

In far-flung reaches of the country, Díaz is an ambassador of Washington Heights, while he simultaneously learns more about the various iterations of the bodega that exist throughout the country.

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