Op-Led: Anthony Weiner is a Sinvergüenza…

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger is, what we Latinos like to call, a sinvergüenza. A sinvergüenza is a person who has no shame whatsoever. This married man had the unmitigated gall to send pictures of his junk just a year after being forced to resign from Congress for, guess what, sending pictures of his junk. FYI to the Weiner campaign people, voters don’t tend to vote for people after seeing their junk.

Equally as slimy is the fact that he seems to have endless pictures of his junk to share. A few questions arise (pun intended). First of all, does he have a folder on his computer filled to the brim with pictures of his junk with the name headshots? Secondly, are the poor women receiving said junk pictures even expecting them? Or do they innocently open the email/text expecting something politics related and all of sudden they are confronted with Weiner’s weiner?

And while his early second place standing in the NYC mayoral race seems to point to the fact there is no hope for humanity, his approval numbers have since gone limp (pun intended) after the revelations of his latest douchbaggery were exposed. In true sinvergüenza fashion, Anthony Weiner refuses to exit with grace and continues to subject his wife, his family and the city of New York to his megalomaniacal quest for power. In all seriousness, this is the greatest city in the world and we deserve better than an unrepentant pervert who can’t seem to stop taking selfies of his junk. Anthony Weiner needs help not political power – case closed, let’s move on.

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