Uptown Video: Talk Of The Town Recap

Video by Productive Ray (@ProductiveRay09)

By the way folks, WHIN By Any Means is throwing a special unplugged version of Herstory tonight at Altus (4325 Broadway & 184th street). This is going to be another one for the history books so if I were you I would reserve a table to catch all the action by contacting WHIN Committee member Ms. Euricidis Bonilla at 646-249-2827 or shooting her an email before it’s too late at [email protected]. Gracing the stage tonight will be none other than Tess, Karen Rodriguez, Cynthia La Cruz, Camille Safiya and Arinn Aldo. How’s that for a line up? Don’t say we didn’t give you the heads up. Doors open at 6 pm and the show begins shortly thereafter.

Herstory - Unplugged


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The Alchemist: A Q&A With Camille Safiya

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WHIN By Any Means 2: A First Look

WHIN By Any Means @ Empire Fash – The Recap

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