WHIN By Any Means: A Q&A With Tellie Floydd

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

WHIN By Any Means 2.5 @ Agua Roja

Q. How did the idea for WHIN By Any Means come about?

A. Well, it came out of my need to want to perform my music at my home town venues that don’t really mess with us dreamers.

Q. Did you expect it to take off the way it did?

A. Yes and no. No because of how big it got so fast. Not in my wildest dreams, I truly didn’t think that uptown was going to gravitate to the movement so fast!! And yes because I knew that people wanted what I wanted and that’s to be proud of are town and have something we could call ours.

Q. Besides being the creator of the event, you are also an artist. Has it been difficult to balance the two?

A. Hell yeah I have to make sure that everybody’s (sponsors & artists) are good and also focus on making my music and rehearsing. It’s been extremely hard but I know that with hard work comes bigger glory then I have ever imagined and that’s what I want more then the money. When I die I want to be a legend in my town !! Legends never die!!! Lol

WHIN By Any Means - Mike Jones & Tellie Floydd

Photo: Fred Focus

Q. What can people expect from WHIN By Any Means III?

A. Great music, great fashion and best of all, even better people!! And just a all around feeling that you belong!!!!

Q. What next from Tellie Floydd, the artist?

A. Well I’ll be dropping a reloaded version of the “Cloud Kickin” mixtape. Cloud Kickin is a group I’m in, it will drop around June call “coloring outside the line”. I’m also working on my second solo mixtape called “Future Nostalgia” and I don’t have a date for it but I can tell you its going to be one the albums that everyone one will be talking about in 2013. A million and one features and more visuals.

Q. Any final words?

A. Yes shout out to everyone that’s doing something to make a better life for themselves and also if your chasing a dream come out to Negro Claro (3805 10th Ave) on February 28th as we all celebrate a town of dreamers!!!! And before I go I would like to pass on a quote from the late great Ted Kennedy hopefully it gives you a sense of who I am  “Some man look at things and say why? I look at things and say “why not”? Thank you UC for showing love. I appreciate everything y’all doing for me and the WHIN By Any Means movement as well.

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Tellie Floydd


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