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Story by Sandra Evangelina García

Dark 158th

“I just want the world to see our perspective and understand where we come from,” says Dark. For Dominican people living in America, Washington Heights is their own little Santo Domingo. For Dark, it’s a source of strength and creation in his music. – Darkisdope.com

Walk around anywhere in northern Manhattan and you might trip over a stenciled “Dark” sign on the street.

Get on any social media network and you’ll definitely see a few people in photographs wearing an UPTNY hoodie or crew neck.

Welcome to the Dark side.

Dark, née Rommel Fanjul, was born and raised, for the most part, on 161st Street and Riverside Drive.

“I know that there’s a light out here,” said the artist during a recent conversation, sitting in an aura best described as quiet and confident.

The uptown native of Dominican descent has many titles, but likes to focus on one: rapper.

“I make music, I’ve been doing this for a while,” he said.

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