Uptown Poetry: Do You Ever Cry For No Reason?


Photography by Wallace Flores (@opus1ny)

Harlem - Wallace Flores

Do you ever cry for no reason?

The only time I have cried..

is for no reason

or maybe tears…

are from the pain

deep within…

that precedes them

alone against a legion

waiting to delete him

and all of his achievements

or maybe it’s tears of joy

at the thoughts of a little boy

who is the only thing pure

in a world full of misdirection

and people who are unsure

whether to embrace or neglect him

Or maybe its for my mother

who swore by any other

to never turn her back

on me or my little brother

but did so for her lover

but all the abuse just made me tougher

or did it?

Or maybe It’s cause I know

that my sky has no limits

and my destiny

I’ve yet to live it

every day is a struggle

hoping I can get it

hoping that there is more

hoping its for sure

or maybe its simply cause

when I had a reason to cry

I held it all inside

for anger and for pride

cause of empty promises

and way too many lies


that’s probably the reason why

but no matter what it is

the pain can’t be much longer..

just take every heartache

and use it to make me stronger…


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