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Story and photos by Sandra Evangelina García

Ami Vega

Washington Heights nail artist Amilka Vega has been featured in international magazine spreads that detail her vivid work.

What a difference a year makes.

What started out as a personal love of art as expressed in the “El Salonsito” blog where Amilka Vega could display her latest nail designs has, some 52 weeks later, grown into a full-fledged business that has taken off- and even touched off on other continents.

“The nail art industry is growing. It’s not just a few people; it’s all over the world,” said Vega who recently received an email from a devout fan in South Africa.

Vega now also pens a column in renowned UK nail magazine Scratch, where she supplies readers with step-by-step instructions on her unique designs.

The Washington Heights-based nail artist appreciates the support she gets from all over the world.

She is still, however, taken aback when renowned beauty brands endorse her.

“It’s shocking to sit across from Essie Weingarten herself and hear her views on nail art and nail care,” said Vega about her meeting with the founder of top shelf nail polish brand Essie.

In the past year, Vega has worked on campaigns for Revlon and Maybelline as well, learning more about the billion-dollar nail industry with each call sheet.

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