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Arroyo-Women Unbound Morris-Jumel Mansion

“Women Unbound” 

Inspired by the inhabitants, cultural history, art and artifacts of the Morris-Jumel Mansion, artist Andrea Arroyo created original works integrated with the historical objects and furniture in the Museum’s collection. These works create a conversation between the past and the present, and allow for connections to be created between the female experience of Mary Morris or Eliza Jumel and the contemporary viewer.

Arroyo has been exploring notions of identity, gender, class and social prejudice throughout her career. In her project “Women Unbound” she investigates how women navigated life within the boundaries of late 1700s and early 1800s society. For the artist, the stories of the women who inhabited the mansion mirror the struggles of women in contemporary society, who have to defy social norms and prejudice in order to achieve their personal goals. The pieces are executed in a variety of media, including paintings, artist’s books, sculptures, mixed media and installations.

Andrea Arroyo is an award-winning artist; her work is exhibited, collected and published widely.

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“George Washington Revisits Washington Heights”

Felipe Galindo found inspiration for his project from the history of the neighborhood; Washington Heights is an area where the Battle of Harlem Heights took place and where George Washington (based at the Morris-Jumel Mansion in 1776) commanded the nation’s troops during the Revolutionary War. Galindo’s project presents an imaginary visit from America’s First President to the present-day neighborhood that bears his name.

Influenced by historical imagery from the 18th century, the artist creatively interweaves the past and the present in a series of whimsical images, creating a unique world in which George Washington interacts with locals, explores the vicinity, learns about modern customs and ultimately enjoys the amazing mixture of cultures in Uptown Manhattan.

Felipe Galindo is an artist, cartoonist, animator and illustrator whose work is exhibited and published worldwide.

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