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By Lauren Shapiro

Inwood Hill Park

Photo: Briana E. Heard

To outsiders, Manhattan, the heart of New York City, is world famous as the exciting home of theatre, fashion and museums; but those living in Inwood and Washington Heights know that the local parks rival those attractions.

They may not, however, know all the secrets of Inwood Park.

“There are salamanders, skunks, lots of waterfowl from mallards to herons. It’s amazing that there is so much life and wildlife in Manhattan,” said Sergeant Sunny Corrao, a New York City Urban Park Ranger stationed in the Inwood Hill Park Nature Center.

“My favorite part of the job is going outside and going on patrol – walking the park, driving through certain areas making sure the park is safe,” added Sgt. Corrao.

In addition to their natural inhabitants, the marsh and forest are sometimes temporary home to animals, like coyotes, passing through, and to abandoned pets. Keeping the park safe often means animal rescue and transfer of the animals to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

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