The Healthy Parents Fellowship Needs Your Help To Reach its Funding Goal

Healthy Kids in the Heights is on its way to reaching 100% of its funding goal on the crowdfunding platform They’re at 78% with 3 days left in the campaign. Healthy Kids in the Heights is a non-profit program based in Washington Heights, New York. According to a research study, 47% of children are overweight or obese in this neighborhood.

The grassroots fundraising campaign has galvanized supporters on Facebook and Twitter since launching in December. Executive Director Catarina Rivera says, “Crowdfunding on RocketHub has required intense promotion and reaching out to others. But we’ve been amazed by the response. People have been supporting us, sharing the campaign, and contributing generously. We’re eager to see our project 100% fueled.”

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The online fundraiser is for a program called Healthy Parents Fellowship. The Healthy Parents Fellowship empowers parents to become leaders in creating healthier communities. Parents improve their own health and the health of others in their community.

Parents will receive health coaching and entrepreneurship training. Sessions will include meditation, self-reflection, nutrition, cooking, and fitness. Parents will work on reaching their individual health goals and family health goals.

Each parent will design and implement a community action project. Projects must focus on improving the health of their family, friends, and neighbors. This six-month program aims to serve about 10-15 committed parents directly but will indirectly affect at least 100 more through the community action projects.

The program successfully launched on January 21, 2012 at Church of the Intercession.

Partners include Church of the Intercession, Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for Kids (CHALK), Pick and Eat restaurant, Make & Love, Revolutionary Fitness NYC, and United Latino Professionals.

For more information about Healthy Kids in the Heights, visit them on Facebook:

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