Letters to Uptown: Jonathan Ullman

Dear Uptown:

You are my home, you are my office,

You are my studio backlot

You keep me cool during the day and warm at night

Your scenery’s magnificent, your props are mad

Your craft services can’t be beat

You always know when to bring out the best light

You come in on time, you come in on budget

You color everything in without fail

You play host to GWB with such strength and might

So take your Prospect, Dyker and Brooklyn,

Your Roslyn, Jackson and Crown

There’s only one Heights for me,

And you’re always a beautiful sight.

Jonathan Ullman (@gogoPatienceCnP)

Jonathan Ullman is the director of Trouble In The Heights, the movie that properly puts the Heights on the cinematic map. He is also the head of development, financing, production, marketing, operations, bookkeeping, maintenance and custodial services at GogoPatience Craft + Picture Show.

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