Robb Todd’s Debut Book “Steal Me For Your Stories” Is Available For Pre-Order

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Q. Now that you’re book is available for pre-order, how does that feel knowing that your book will be in the market in the matter of months?

A. It’s surreal. I never wrote these stories with a collection in mind. I wouldn’t have bothered with the book if I didn’t have so much respect for the publisher, Roxane Gay. I would have just focused on my novel. But working with Tiny Hardcore Press seemed like the right thing to do. How could it not with a name like Tiny Hardcore?

Q. How long did it take to write?

A. The stories in the collection represent a span of about two years and a lot of nights going straight home after work to write.

Q. What is it about?

A. It’s about a vampire who falls in love with a werewolf but the werewolf falls in love with a zombie — and there are unicorns and out-of-work NBA players! Actually, no. I wish. That would probably sell more copies. (Don’t steal that idea.)

The best way to get a feel for what’s inside Steal Me for Your Stories is to read a couple of the pieces. One of the stories, Gracias, Pero Si, was recently nominated for Best of Net 2011:

There are also links to more of the stories on Tiny Hardcore’s website:

Q. Is Uptown represented in the book?

A. Absolutely. I never expressly say Inwood or Washing Heights in the stories, but much of what went into many of them — the inspiration, overheard conversations that I stole, you name it — happened Uptown. Even the photo that artist Scotty Albrecht ( used to make the cover is Uptown.

Q. Any final words?

A. That question is ominous — but fitting. I am donating all of the money I make from this book to a trust for the family of a cousin of mine who died in September. If you buy it and think the stories suck, at least some of their money went to a good cause:

Also, any other information anyone wants about the book can be found here:

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