UC Exclusive: International Street Artist Ben Eine’s Uptown Campaign

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photography by Ket

As quiet as it’s kept, internationally renowned street artist Ben Eine has been Uptown for the past week working his particular brand of magic on our beloved Uptown streets. For those that don’t know, Ben Eine turned a dreary block in east London into an outdoor art gallery by painting massive and magnificent letters on each of the gates of the businesses. He is also reportedly the favorite artist of the wife of the British Prime Minister, Samantha Cameron, who, by the way, gave one of his paintings to the Obama family as a present. Well, Ben Eine is now Uptown putting his signature letters, with the permission of local business and community leaders, all over the neighborhood. To make this happen, Ben Eine reached out to graffiti artist, publisher and friend to the UC, Ket.

Ket took a little time out from his hectic schedule to answer a few of our queries. Stay tuned for more on this incredible project.

Q. How did the project come about? 

A. Ben contacted me and wanted to come to NY to paint some gates as he has been doing back home.

Q. What is the scope of the project? 

A. Well, this is part of a larger body of work that Ben has been doing for some time. He travels the world creating street pieces and letters on gates is a part of it all. I first came across his stuff in Los Angeles and am glad to have it here.

Q. Your thoughts on why this is important?

A. Art in the streets is necessary to inspire people and add color and life to neighborhoods.

Q. Why Uptown?

A. It’s my hood and if I can bring it here, why not?


Uptown Welcomes International Street Artist Ben Eine

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Uptown Artist – Ket

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