The Search For The Perfect Maduro – Tipico Dominicano

Locating the best home cooked meal without cooking or being at home

By Briana E. Heard

Located on 177th and Broadway, this Tipico Dominicano Restaurant was actually the first place I went to eat in my newfound neighborhood in what seems like now, so many years ago. At the time I ordered a completely sufficient Cuban sandwich and a cocktail in the middle of the day. Since then this has been a go-to for me. It catered my Easter Meal last year, and I celebrated another holiday with it this past weekend.

To celebrate Memorial Day I ordered in from Tipico. I had done the dine in and take out reviews, so it seemed appropriate to rank a delivery, not to mention there is little better than having good food brought to you in your apartment, requiring a brief phone call and a couple of bucks to create a delicious meal.

And this was the case with Tipico Sunday night. A note should be made that it is very difficult to get anyone on the phone who is English speaking or who had an inordinate amount of patience for those of us who are but the effort of bringing in a translator is well worth it. An order was placed and a wait time of 20 minutes was given for a whole rotisserie chicken, rice, beans and tostones to be brought to my front door. The food arrived 22 minutes later at the most. The deliveryman was friendly and the transaction painless.

The feast before me was great with the exception of some bland and mealy tostones. The chicken was tender and flavorful and the beans were seemingly just the right combination of what I like to call beans and bean juice that Dominicans seem to love so much. I am not sure if they put salt, lard or crack in the rice but it is not only tasty, but also far better than I could ever make myself and I am, therefore, addicted.

My Sunday night meal from Tipico gets a better than average grade and with a friendly staff and full bar, ordering in and take out are both legitimate options.

Tipico Dominicano Restaurant

4172 Broadway

New York, NY 10033

(212) 781-3900

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