Put You On: Bloomspot Uptown Deal – Tread Bike Shop

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photo Credit: Briana E. Heard

Bloomspot, the provider of limited quantity exclusive offers, is getting in on the Uptown bonanza with their latest awesome deal. For a mere $30 you get a two full-day bike rental from the good folks at Tread Bike Shop (250 Dyckman St). You have until May 19th to cop this bargain, so move fast. There is probably no better way to get around the neighborhood than on a bike and there are few retailers that can match Tread’s long history of quality, service and dedication to this community. Like I always say, spread love it’s the Uptown way!

Get the deal: http://bit.ly/lDqVO7

Tread’s site: http://treadbikeshop.com/

Check out our post on Tread: https://www.uptowncollective.com//2010/06/04/daily-grind-ozzie-perez-tread-bike-shop/

Photo Credit: Briana E. Heard

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