Uptown 2.0

BY Rainey Skates (@raineyskates)

With 2011 arriving via more tweets than phone calls or mass texts, I think it’s pretty safe to hail 2010 as the “Year of Social Media”. It’s everywhere now. But perhaps more importantly, it’s certainly Uptown.

Washington Heights (#WaHi) and Inwood (#Inwood) are socially buzzing. Thanks to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and even our own Uptown Collective. Not only is Northern Manhattan a popular trending topic, it’s also piquing the attention of local interests such as venues, businesses and forward thinkers eager to participate in the dialogue.

At the risk of sounding too much like Social Media 101, I’ll go ahead and point out the fact that almost every UC post includes a link to the twitter account of its respective contributor. Coincidence? Heavens no! That, my friends, is connectivity! Just like the slew of Uptown-based artists, creatives, and professionals available to connect with on public Twitter lists like @Manhattanspeak’s Uptown or @Rosefox’s Inwood, to name a few. Round these up, throw in a few Foursquare check-in points here and there, and you’ve got yourself, what I like to deem, “Uptown 2.0,” a hyper-local directory of the who’s who and what’s what in the dynamic Uptown world.

So no more excuses about being out of the “loop” for the New Year. Uptown is on the move, get in touch!

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