BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Rebel $ocialite is one of my favorite blogs. Along with the NY Times and Mashable, Rebel $ocialite warrants a daily visit. It is not just the fact that the site is full of relevant info on people doing big things, the Arts, Hip-Hop and a whole host of other interesting topics but what really makes the site special for me is the jewels of wisdom and inspiration that permeate the site. Kristoff, the man behind the blog, really injects his grind, his insights and his personality into the site. Rebel $ocialite is more than just a blog; it is a brand, an outlook and a work ethic. In short, it is a way of life. Never Not Working is a concept that is promoted heavily on the site and those 3 words have become my life’s motto. From the very first time I came across the site, I have been hooked. In the words of Genesis, an ill emcee that Kristoff manages, “shout out to @Rebel_Socialite for having pure crack~no baking soda for a blog”. The night of the 40 Oz Bounce Gone Loko event, I set the intention before leaving the crib that I would meet Kristoff and let him know what his blog meant to me. As fate would have it, when I had my chance I did just that. Check out his site and follow him @Rebel_Socialite.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.971950&w=425&h=350&fv=]

My homie Led Black of Uptown Collective giving the R$ Blog the utmost praise!

This footage was actually captured the night of the 40oz Rave. Me, Van & Hoffa had decided to take a trip up to the local bodega to get about 12 bags of ice, and while in the bodega a gentleman walked up to Joel and gave him praise in regards to everything that Joel has been doing from the parties to the blog and then looks at me and gives me praise on the Rebel $ocialite blog and he goes on by telling how he frequents the blog frequently. Immediately, I was flattered but taken aback at the same time because, in my head I’m wondering, “How did this guy know I do the R$ blog?” But, nonetheless, I was humbled by the compliments and I thought that was such a cool moment that I had to ask homie if I could get him on camera talking about the R$ blog which he happily obliged. The gentleman introduced himself, his name is Led Black (writer, editor and emcee) and Uptown Collective is his movement. Nothing but love & respect to Led for showing me genuine love, I appreciate that man a lot!

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