BY Carolina Pichardo

Uptown knows drama. It plays out beautifully in the sirens, in the blaring music, the streets, the people and their energy. When it isn’t the fear of a blackout, it’s the celebration of one. It could also be the hydrants that cool off a few on the streets, but leave hundreds with little water at home. If it’s not the broken train, then it’s enjoying the free shuttle bus instead. It’s all extreme, polar and dramatic.

Hell, who can forget the award-winning, now-national musical that’s dedicated to the Heights?

But aside from the streets of Broadway and Uptown, as well as the occasional restaurant opening hoopla, there aren’t too many places available for this art form to take shape.

However, what if there was…

It’s the question that has Uptown scratching their heads. Could it be that what was once home to a Washington Mutual, boutique shop and hardware store has the potential for more? This basic question is allowing residents to imagine bigger things with their space and home; to envision something other than a bank, clothing store, or [GASP] a Starbucks.

It’s the drama that the Up Theater Company is producing.

If you’ve seen the handwritten posters on vacant storefronts and random businesses, then you’ve probably stopped at your tracks and wondered what’s going to happen next.

Founded earlier this year by fellow actors and theater people that live Uptown, the company is looking to launch it’s first real production in October. They recently gave the public a taste of their theater chops in the Bread & Yoga Studio with their presentation, All the Best Ingredients.

Although it was a brief production, the goal was to get the community aware of the possibilities. “We want to be a cultural destination where people come here,” said James Bosley, artistic director. “It’s good for the neighborhood.”

And if it’s for the good of the neighborhood, then this is where you—our local reader—steps on the stage to change the scenes and the roles. Switch up the Shakespearean tone to Spanglish, and add a street scene or two.

Despite the trouble with acquiring a space, Bosley also mentioned that he’s in desperate need of playwrights, greeters, actors and actresses, that know the community and could bring their comedy, romantic tales and tragedies to the stage. “We want the whole community to come.”

So will there be a theater opening up soon? Is Bosley on to something here? Could this be the beginning of something great? And will Maria stay with Steve?

Stay tuned.

Up Theater Company

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  • Carlos Sebastian
    July 12, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    Dope idea. We should help these guys get a space.