Where are most dogs in Uptown? They are all over and I mean all over. I recall their being a time where you would see like 3-4 in a day in a 5 block radius; now you can more like 3-4 pet shops in that same 5 block radius. This is a clear sign of the increase in the pooch population. So what are these dogs and the owners to do?…Start a community of dog owners who frequent Homer’s Run in Inwood, Upper Manhattan, and form INWOOF. As they state on their site, Inwoof is ” an advocacy group for the Dog Run, as well as issues around pet ownership in our neighborhood. We share tips, ideas, resources and licks in the run.”

They have managed to do than just “bark” about issues they wish to address, they have created a site that presents the rules and regulations of Homer’s Run, which I’m sure they enforce if and when needed. They host fund raising events to obtain monies that will be used strictly for the improvement and preservation of Inwoof and their beloved dog run. Their work was recognized in NY PRESS, they named Inwood the “Best Manhattan neighborhood for Dog Owners” in it’s annual “Best of” issue.

So for those of you who want to share your “best friends” with other local “besties” just head to Inwood Hill Park by Subway via the A train to 207th St, or the 1 train to 207th St, and walk west.

So owners get involved, and let them dogs out…

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