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The Fix: Melii – Icey

Uptown is talking about Melii. The Harlem native is bringing that raw heat and the world is starting to take notice. So get familiar with Melii because she is just getting started.…

Audubon Mural Project - Harlem - Hamilton Heights - NY Times - Emon Hassan

Hamilton Heights: Harlem Enclave With River Views | NY Times

By JULIE BESONEN The number of rescue dogs that Barry Katz crosses paths with in Hamilton Heights, a section of West Harlem, tells him something about his neighborhood. “At this point, it’s not a wealthy area,” he said. “People…

Inside the African-American bookstore. Image: Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images

July 1970 Harlem, full of life | Mashable

by Chris Wild Jack Garofalo (1923-2004), one of the leading photographers for Paris Match magazine, spent six weeks in Harlem, New York, in the summer of 1970. His images were the cover story for Match in October that year. In the…