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The Tempest Comes To Harlem

The Tempest Comes To Harlem

The Classical Theatre of Harlem latest’s production, The Tempest, has an uncanny knack for timing. The play remixes the classic Shakespearean opus and references the island of Hispaniola as Prospero’s magical island. Hispaniola, which is home to both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is currently undergoing some major drama of its own. The Tempest’s highlighting of […]

Put You On: Seed The Play

SEED A New Play by Radha Blank Directed by Niegel Smith Burnt-out social worker Anne Colleen Simpson decides to leave the field on a high note, with a book detailing her career, but when Chee-Chee, a gifted twelve-year-old from the ‘projects’ collides into her life, she’s forced to confront his young mother and the shadows […]

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