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2013 Dominican Day Parade

Uptown Video: 5 Signs You Might Be Dominican

You’ve seen Juan Bago around these parts before, but did you know he is an expert in the distinct nuances of all things Dominican? Sit back and take notes, by the end of the video you may find that…

The Future Project: Creating Dreamers Uptown

Photography by Art By Dj Boy (@ArtByDjBoy) On September 13th and 20th, Led Black from the Uptown Collective came to address the 5th period Future Project class at The College Academy, which is housed in the George Washington High…

Inwood Hill Park - Dominican & American Flags

Put You On: Onomatopeyas Dominicanas

Check out: I Am A Dominican York Dominicanese 101: A Primer We invite you to subscribe to the Uptown Love newsletter, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, or e-mail us at…