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Name That Vaina

Uptown Video: The Chancleta Movie

What weapon in your house has the ability to strike fear into you?? Coming this fall is an action movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Chancleta III: Deadly Whipping has its sights on Oscar…

Juan Bago - SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Dominican Edition

Uptown Video: SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Dominican Edition

Do you need to lose weight & get in shape but you feel like you’re out of options? Look no further! Introducing Hector Fuerte’s Dominican Juicing Recipes! Combining all of the nutrients you would find in a traditional meal,…

The Flama - Name That Vaina

Uptown Video: Name That Vaina

Vaina is a word with multiple meanings, it can be used to indicate an object or anything in general.. Got it? Now it’s time to put your vaina knowledge to the test with the game show: NAME THAT VAINA!…