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Spread Love: C-Rock Is Now On-Demand

In the summer, boys leap from heights up to 110 feet into the Harlem River. It’s a dangerous rite of passage going back generations in the Bronx, New York City. In this festival favorite short documentary, kids stand struck…

C-Rock - Dyckman Foreworks

7/19/14: Catch C-Rock & Dyckman Fireworks @ Word Up Books

Come by to Word Up Books on July 19th at 7:30 pm to enjoy two documentaries based on the unique ways of enjoying life in Washington Heights, Inwood and the Bronx, C-Rock and The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co..…

C-Rock Documentary

5/24/14: C-Rock X Rooftop Films

Back in April of 2012, we ran an article on the Indiegogo campaign to fund the making of a documentary film about the kids that fearlessly dive off of the enigmatic C-Rock. Well, the film will be screening this…