New report proposes actions to fix NYC BOE | Bronx Free Press

Break the cycle at the BOE.

A new report issued by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law details the New York City Board of Elections’ (NYC BOE) legacy of failure and offers a list of recommendations for the state legislature to help improve the agency’s operations.

Published in collaboration with the Let NY Vote coalition, the report recommends best practices drawn from the experiences of other large, diverse election jurisdictions around the country.

“For decades, the Board of Elections has been responsible for failure after failure with enormous impacts on voters, yet nothing seems to change,” said Joanna Zdanys, one of the report’s authors and counsel in the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. “The agency’s structure breeds deep dysfunction and a resistance to accountability. The legislature has the tools and the power to break this cycle. Albany must follow through so that the agency can serve New York City voters effectively.”

In the report, Zdanys and her co-authors outline high-profile problems experienced by the NYC BOE, such as its untraceable absentee ballots, widespread voting machine breakdowns, purges of eligible voters from the rolls and more.

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