Seamless with the Census | Bronx Free Press

Fill out the form- and your appetite.

To motivate the 50% of all city residents who have yet to respond to the U.S. Census, a new partnership between NYC Census 2020 and food delivery service Seamless has been struck.

Ten city residents will be awarded $1,000 gift cards for completing the 2020 Census.

The contest is expected to boost the city’s self-response rate for the Census, which stood at 49.4 percent as of May 20. The nation’s overall response rate is 59 percent.

While New York’s self-response rate still trails the national average, there is a smaller gap than existed during the previous Census in 2010.

During the 2010 Census, 62 percent of New Yorkers responded, while the U.S. average was 76 percent.

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