Quiet at Coogan’s | Manhattan Times

Few days are as keenly felt as St. Patrick’s Day at Coogan’s.

The touchstone eatery is a community haven on all other calendar dates, but this day is one like no other.

The amber panels gleam a bit brighter, the stout pours are richer. The warm plates of shepherd’s pie and corned beef are cause alone for happy tears, as are the ready peals of laughter and music.

And everyone is there to sing.

This year, the seminal holiday sounded a far more somber note at Coogan’s.

It was the first full day of the city closure of all bars and restaurants (save for take-out or delivery) in light of concerns over the coronavirus.

And again, as in crises past, Tess O’Connor McDade, Dave Hunt, and Peter Walsh have risen up to marshal resources, organize staff, and prep for a new unfathomable.

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