Assistance for Puerto Rico after quakes | Manhattan Times

In response to the recent earthquakes and aftershocks that have rocked Puerto Rico, city and state resources are being deployed to assist those affected.

A pair of strong earthquakes hit Puerto Rico on January 6 and 7, killing one person and leaving much of the island without power or water. The quakes are part of a series of seismic events that have occurred on the island in recent weeks.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that New York City will deploy 24 additional city personnel to Puerto Rico to support municipalities affected by recent earthquakes.

The city’s response team consists of 15 building inspectors and structural engineers, seven emergency managers and two mental health professionals.

“There’s thousands of buildings in Puerto Rico and they don’t even know if they’re safe to live in or to work in, and they don’t have enough experts, they don’t have enough inspectors and engineers, but the City of New York can help,” de Blasio said at a press conference on Tues., Jan. 14th. “There’s food and water supplies that have to be distributed. There are not enough people who know how to do that. These experts do.”

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