Uptown Talk: Latinos Out Loud – Walkie Talkie Dreamin’

On this week’s episode of Latinos Out Loud, the group talks about Rachel’s candy cane to the cornea accident at a recent show at The P.I.T., her father arguing with Alexa, and Bago trying to get Jaime a new Twitter handle.

On “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime dishes on Brother Nature getting into an altercation in a sandwich shop, the Peloton ad controversy, and a Florida woman getting pregnant while dating four different men, whom she also lives with.

On this week’s Frankspiracy News, Frank tells us about the world’s first super computer.

The crew interviews Kareem Savinon on how Christian Slater inspired him to pursue an acting career, his diverse background, his new film, “Paradise City”, and his personal survival tips for being a working actor.

On this week’s Que Lo Que Quickie the group chats with comedian Glorelys Mora about the new card game she co-wrote, “Latino Card Revoked”. We also play a few rounds against each other to test our Latino knowledge. Who do you think got their Latino Card Revoked?

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