10/30/16: Free Screening of Juan De Los Muertos + Zombie Panel @ The United Palace


Sunday, October 30, 2016
Doors: 4pm; Parade: 5pm; Movie: 5:30pm; Zombie Panel: 7pm
United Palace (4140 BWAY @ 175th)

This Halloween, United Palace is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse. Guests can have a zombie makeover at the transformation station and partake in the annual costume parade across the Palace stage. Then they will screen Cuba’s first zombie movie, a horror-comedy hybrid, with more than a touch of political allegory. Finally, a zombie panel will discuss the role of zombies in the movie and contemporary life.

Special Guests:

Donetta Riley, a professional face and body painter for 12 years. She has studied with Nick and Brian Wolfe, Matteo Arfanotti and Sean Avram, to name a few. Her specialty is ScFy and Horror and she has competed in the U.S. and Canada. Recent paints include paint for Good Morning America at the Broadway Cats production and painting for the Today Show Belly Art Project.

Armando Guareño, the Founder and Executive Director of LaCinemaFe Film Festival of New York; KidCinemaFest: The Children & Young People’s Film Festival; The Dominican Film Festival in New York; and “Out in the Heights,” The Washington Heights gay and Lesbian Film festival. As a film programmer, he has curated many programs, including at Boston Latino Film Festival (Boston), Mañana: The Latin American International Film Festival of Varzovia (Poland), Latinos in USA (Spain and France), and Festival de Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana (Cuba), and for “‘The Way We Are’ An Iberia American Retrospective” at MoMA.

Sandy Jimenez, a comic book artist and filmmaker best known for his work as an editor of World War 3 Illustrated magazine for almost 25 years, and also as the creator of “Marley Davidson: Bronx Exorcist.” His comic book stories have been adapted into movies and he has been the storyboard artists on scores of films including his own feature length film in 2007. He loves monsters and attempts to bring them to life in his drawings and stories whenever he can.

Kenneth Filmer is a filmmaker and film programmer. He has run the movie studios at multi-arts and film complex Brooklyn Fire Proof in Bushwick, Brooklyn for five years. He’s recently produced two new films for underground movie legend Nick Zedd and was the co-executive producer of Ghost Team, starring Jon Heder and Amy Sedaris. His recent Summer Screening Series, which brought in several noted co-hosts to screen their works – including artist Marcel Dzama and cult collective PFFR – was one of Brooklyn Magazine’s Top 25 summer film events and an Artnet editor’s pick. He is programming a new animation festival in November in association with the annual Comic Arts Brooklyn festival.

Roger Ma specializes in hand-to-hand combat against the undead. He is the author of The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead, and The Zombie Combat Field Guide. Both books focus on battling the living dead without the use of a firearm. He was featured as a zombie expert on the History Channel documentary Zombies: A Living History. You can find him online at www.zombiecombatclub.com and on Twitter at @ZombieCombat.

This screening is part of the “Reawaken Wonder at a Timeless Movie Palace” campaign to bring cinema-quality audio to the Palace to match the new DCP projector donated by Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda. Learn more at https://unitedpalace.org/events/843-reawaken-wonder-at-a-timeless-movie-palace.

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