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A Word From La Galería Magazine

Founded in 2014 by three Dominican Afro-Latina feminists, La Galería Magazine is an unaffiliated independent grassroots magazine fighting to give a voice to Dominicans in the diaspora and take back our stories. We are committed to staying independent and write opinion pieces that are anti-oppressive and that continue connecting the Diaspora without any filters or compromises. While we are committed to this, to become a project that can maximize impact, we need your help!

Why You Should Support Us

La Galería Magazine’s mission is to provide content that encourages dialogue, celebrates the community, and inspires action among Dominicans of the Diaspora. Our magazine documents and celebrates the stories of the Dominican Diaspora. Articles on our site have touched on topics that directly affect our community including blackness, feminism, the trauma of immigration, LGBTQ issues, food, history, love, sex, and a large array of short poems and creative stories.  La Galería Magazine understands that our stories and perceptions are different, and that only through dialogue can we begin to respect and understand one another.

Although we only have a little over a year of being in existence, we have already published  109 articles, gotten over 90,000 views, and held five free community oriented events. We have a community of supporters who often send us positive feedback, comment on our articles, and use the writings on La Galería Magazine for class and community organizing purposes.

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