Kickstarter Spotlight: Guap: A Comedy. About Gentrification.


About This Project:


At the heart of GUAP is a simple question: “Who has the right to live in a neighborhood?”

When Pedro, an unsuccessful drug dealer, is forced to use his hidden culinary talents to unite his family against the gentrification threatening their humble Washington Heights neighborhood, he has to make a decision about what matters most to him in order galvanize his community. Multi-generational, bi-lingual, and full of surprising laughs, GUAP (slang for ‘a lot of money’) is a unique comedy about food, family, and the value of things we love.

GUAP is a comedy with serious social and cultural implications. We’ve written a pilot that is fun and watchable, but also grounded in truth. This is the story of now, the story of millions of Americans, and we want everyone to see it… but we can’t do it without your financial help!

Support Here: Kickstarter Spotlight: Guap: A Comedy. About Gentrification.


Your money is being put directly toward hiring professional actors and an experienced crew, renting top-notch gear, securing authentic locations, and covering other essentials like transportation, meals, and contingency costs (see below for more details). We’ve shaved our budget down to only the essential nuts & bolts, but nuts and bolts still come with a price tag. We take this subject seriously, we take our craft seriously, and we want to do this right. Kickstarter, being about community, is the perfect place to launch a show about community. After a year of development by ourselves, we’re asking you to join our family.


Simple! Serialized storytelling allows viewers to fall in love with characters. In facing an issue as complicated as gentrification, we found it important to create a fully realized family, living within a vibrant community, so that our topic can be thoroughly explored without being preachy.

We want our viewers to experience what the Diaz family experiences, as people, not political objects. Only a series provides the moment-to-moment reality we need to accomplish our goal.

Truthfully, not enough exists in the way of our subject matter: be it stories about gentrification, Washington Heights, or Dominican-Americans. GUAP is a unique opportunity to create not just a show, but provide a platform for these severely underrepresented topics.


Aside from being an urgent issue in its own right, gentrification is also a nexus of the various social issues that face America, and its very existence gives us reason to question our national fortitude.

Our research has shown us that gentrification is a complex and often misunderstood topic that affects us all. We’re asking questions and giving you the cast of a family to come up with your own answers. GUAP seeks to enlighten, entertain, and inform audiences about one of the most pressing issues of our day in a way that journalism or scholarship simply cannot.

Support Here: Kickstarter Spotlight: Guap: A Comedy. About Gentrification.

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