Op-Led: Uptown Is Feeling The Bern…

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Bernie Sanders - United Palace - Washington Heights

Senator Bernie Sanders at a rally at the United Palace in Upper Manhattan on Saturday. (Photo: Sam Hodgson | NY Times)

Bernie Sanders spent the entire weekend spreading that Uptown Love.

Bernie kicked off Saturday with a rousing rally at the venerable United Palace in the heart of Washington Heights. While the mainstream press has chosen to focus on the hate, venom and vitriol of the other side, Bernie Sanders has quietly won eight of the last nine contests against one of the biggest brand names in politics.

A victory in the New York Presidential Primary on April 19th will be a game changer. To that end, the Bernie campaign and its growing army of supporters have been working overtime on spreading the message that Bernie is the only candidate that is for the people not the super-rich, who are hell bent on maintaining the status quo. The thing is that we cannot continue to cater to the billionaire class to the detriment of everybody else. The outcome will not be pretty.

After the United Palace, Bernie also held at a rally at Bronx Community College and culminated his Uptown swing with a campaign event at the world famous Apollo Theater. At the latter function, he shared the stage with Civil Rights icon Harry Belafonte as well as Nina Turner and Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner.

On all of the stops Uptown, Bernie has continued to hammer away on the all-important themes of income and wealth inequality, tackling mass incarceration that disproportionally affects people of color, getting money out of politics, restoring democracy, fixing a broken immigration system, making college tuition free, pay equity for women, raising the minimum wage for all Americans and combating climate change.

Now this is where we come in. Again, the NY Presidential Primary will be on Tuesday, April 19th. It is a MUST that we go out and vote and convince everyone we know to do the same. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Nothing less than the republic is at stake. America’s myriad of problems must be confronted or we might just cease to exist in any recognizable form. With that said, we feel Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with the vision and freedom to propel us forward. Let’s make it happen. Apathy is not an option.

Pa’Lante Siempre Pa’Lante


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