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Story by Sherry Mazzocchi

La Casa Azul

“I see [us] growing even more,” says bookstore founder Aurora Anaya-Cerda.

If a bookstore could be a character in a novel, La Casa Azul would likely be a force of magical realism as wrought by Gabriel García Márquez.‎

Named for the blue house where Mexican artist Frida Kahlo lived, this El Barrio bookshop has been a cultural – and colorful – destination for nearly four years, expanding minds and cultivating a fertile landscape for art and literature throughout the city.

Holding over 600 events, including author readings, art openings, and musical performances, the establishment has been equal parts bookseller and cultural arts space.

But last week, owner Aurora Anaya-Cerda announced that the store on East 103rd Street and Lexington Avenue would close later this month, on Dec. 19th.

Anaya-Cerda said that she wanted to take the store to the next level – and expand it into something bigger, grander and more influential.

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