July 24th Thru 26th: 38th Annual Loiza Festival in El Barrio

Loiza Festival of El Barrio

The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute in collaboration with Los Hermanos Fraternos de Loiza presents the 38th Annual Loiza Festival (The Festival of Santiago Apostol) in El Barrio July 24th to July 26th. The festival celebrates the culture, history and legacy of Afro-Puerto Ricans. It is a three day festival comprised of performances of Bomba and Plena, children art workshops, live art installations, and much more.

The festival is located on E 105th Street Between Lexington and Park Avenue.

For more info: July 24th – 26th: 38th Annual Loiza Festival in El Barrio


Friday, July 24th

Taino Towers Day: El Barrio Fuerte… !Basta Ya!
Fun & games for our Children


A day of fun and games, jump rope, hop scotch, mask making, storytelling, performances, characters & more. Day and Summer programs welcome!


Music by

5 en Plena

Salsa Music and Dance by Swing y Sabor

Performances by local community talent

Saturday, July 25th


Special installation of La Casita/La’Kay on-site with artists Adrian “Viajero” Roman, Manny Vega, Sophia Dawson and direct from Puerto Rico, David Zayas and Damaris Cruz

Music by

Dj Geko Jones

Palladium Mambo All Stars


Johnny Olivo & Herencia de Plena

Jose Mangual & Son Boricua


Sunday, July 26th


PROCESSIONAL BEGINS at 12:30PM at Iglesia Catolica de la Santa Agonía (3rd Ave. & 100th St.) with musician Frankie Vasquez as Padrino & Olga Rosa as La Madrina

Music by:

Danza Fiesta

Legacy Woman

Milteri Tucker y Bombazo Dance Company

Tipica ’73

Evelyn Jimenez y Orgullo Taino

Family Affair Mambo Dance team

For more info: July 24th – 26th: 38th Annual Loiza Festival in El Barrio

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