Monday Mood Music: El Clasicom – La Calle Soy Yo

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)


Salsa lives… It has been reincarnated as Salsa Urbana. Salsa Urbana is a grittier and street based form of the music. In fact, Salsa Urbana is a lot like the original Salsa that was made in the 1970’s that spoke of loss, suffering and street life. One of the reasons for Salsa’s fall from grace is that the genre seems to have devolved to simply songs about love eschewing the political, cultural and social themes that made the music so popular in the first place.

One of the most exciting proponents of Salsa Urbana is the Dominican Republic’s Clasicom. With a sound that harkens back to Salsa’s golden age, Clasicom is poised to make Salsa popular once again. His latest song, La Calle Soy Yo (I am the Street) perfectly embodies the Salsa Urbana aesthetic. Enjoy!

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