5/5/15: Lost Inwood @ Indian Road Café

Lost Inwood - Indian Road Cafe
LOST INWOOD: slides, photos, and artifacts from our neighborhood’s past
Tuesday, May 5th @ 7:30PM
Indian Road Café (600 W 218th St)
This month: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Dyckman Farmhouse(s)*
*But Were Afraid to Ask
AKA, The Dyckmans – Inwood Pioneers and their Homesteads

Everyone in Inwood knows the Dyckman Farmhouse at the corner of 204th and Broadway. It’s been around longer than any of us. It was already a few years old when George Washington was inaugurated President in 1789. And it’s still at the same spot it was when it was built, a living symbol of our neighborhood’s journey from rural backwater to thriving urban community.

But what else do we know about it – and what about the family, what’s their story? Where did they live before the house was built? And why is it a museum?

This month at LOST INWOOD we’ll delve deeply into the history of our neighborhood to unravel the story of the Dyckman family and their Inwood homesteads. It’s a tale that spans centuries!

For more: http://indianroadcafe.com/


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