Indiegogo Spotlight: The Holistically Inspired Peoples Bar

The Hip Bar - Inwood

A Word From Paola Martinez


My health went on a not so exhilarating rollercoaster ride for many years. I dealt with tumors, cysts, adrenals dysfunction, thyroid issues, and a very rare “supposedly” incurable and disfiguring disease called Morphea. It took me almost losing all of my bodily/cognitive functions to start taking care of my overall health and taking it seriously. A few years ago I quit my corporate job, delved into a healthier lifestyle and began an intensive and full body cleanse that gradually cured me of my aliments, including the “incurable” Morphea.

This experience compelled me to help others with their health. I became a health coach and counseled people on how to establish better eating habits amongst other things. In the process I discovered that most people struggled with what I had struggled with when I began my health journey, overcoming sugar cravings. This led me to develop my own concoction of organic, sugar free, Dessert-Inspired smoothies. These smoothies were such a hit with my clients that I started selling them at my sister and her husband’s café, where they also sold successfully. With that the idea to launch The HIP Bar was born, a fun loving place dedicated to showing and educating everyone on how healthy living can be sustainable and delectable!


This smoothie/juice bar will be the first of its kind in the neighborhood and we are confident that so many people will benefit from having a new healthy alternative to eating and snacking in the neighborhood. Here’s why we’re unique:

For more info: Indiegogo Spotlight: The Holistically Inspired Peoples Bar

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