Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hope for Carol

Hope For Carol

About This Cause

Being a single parent is never easy. Now try being a single parent with stage 3 Breast cancer. Just when things seemed to be getting better financially, Carolina was faced with the most difficult challenge of her life.

Forced to cease work due to illness, she is now left with rental payments, car note, tuition from her children’s schools, as well as all personal bills. Her disability from work only covers 13 weeks and will drop by 20% thereafter. Insurance covers 80% of her very expensive medical cost but she’s left to pay the remainder.

God doesn’t give you more than what you can handle, but let’s give Carolina the peace of mind that she very much deserves. She is a great person who was given this challenge to prove herself. To prove that she is a fighter. To prove that she can overcome this obstacle. But she needs our help too.

For more: Hope for Carol.


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