Classic Material: A Q&A With Carlos Maldonado

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Q. First of all, congrats Classic Material has now been around 10 years. That is a big milestone. How did the company come about?

A. Thank you for this interview. It really started as a store in Poughkeepsie NY, but it was spawned from a small boutique up in Wash Heights called Industry Clothing on 158th and Amsterdam Ave. After selling every other brand that was out at the time it was time to put mine out.

Q. The brand is very New York and Hip-Hop centric. Why is that?

A. The reason I chose Hip-Hop, and NY because those are two things that are close to me in my heart, I’m very much into the old NYC, and love Real Hip-Hop since it started. I just pay homage to my favorites, being in NY I’m inspired everyday to come up with new material.

Q. Why do you feel that your brand has been so widely embraced?

A. I believe it is due to every New Yorker, or Hip-Hop head can relate to what I produce. I’ve been fortunate in my travels to meet a lot of people before they were celebs, and always showed love that they just run it back.

Q. What’s next for Classic Material?

A. Moving back to Brooklyn that’s where I was raised so its only right to do a 360 and end up back home where it all started my love for fashion, music, culture. Real New Yorker. Now I’m on PNCRADIO.FM every Saturday from 4-6pm so that’s another lane I’m jumping in on air personality.

Q. Any final thoughts?

A. I just have to thank everyone that appreciates Classic Material nothing but love for all my New Yorkers Worldwide… Got nothing but love for Wash Heights been a second home for me since 91.

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