#CocktailonaMonday: Imagination In Space @ Ludlow Studios

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Nothing stops New Yorkers…

This past Monday, February 3rd, with Mother Nature dumping almost 8 inches of snow on the winter-weary metropolis, cool creative folks from all over the city converged on the Lower East Side for Imagination in Space and My Good Dog’s #CocktailonaMonday event at Ludlow Studios.

Journalists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and artists alike weathered blizzard like conditions to conspire, collude and imbibe at what is fast becoming a can’t miss monthly Pop-Up event. The Uptown Collective had the pleasure of taking part in the festivities and provided original Uptown Nutcrackers to the awesome folks in attendance.

So now you know: #CocktailonaMonday is the place to be on the first Monday of every month. You need to be running with @wolves to be at the next one…

Check out more pics here: http://imaginationinspace.com/a-cocktail-on-a-monday-at-ludlow-studios/

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